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Our Services

Tax Return Preparation

Quality tax preparation and accounting services, as well as providing a wide range of business related services

Accounting Services

We provide a wide range of services including management accounting, financial accounting, bookkeeping and GST & BAS services.

Self-Managed Super Funds

We offer SMSF taxation and accounting services and are able to provide general advice in relation to the operation of SMSFs

Business Consulting

We provide our clients with a Business Plan that will identify and make deliverable the essential ingredients to achieve the vision they hold for their enterprise.

What Our Clients Say

Paul met with us to review his previous Tax Return, saying that he wasn’t quite sure whether it had been correctly prepared. Paul was right! The result: An Amended Tax Return for the year in question was prepared and lodged with a reduction in Paul’s Taxable Income of $51,464.00 and a refund of $15,098.54 from the ATO (including interest).

Paul (Master Electrician)

A client recommended that Tony should visit us to discuss his taxation matters. Tony did so and brought along a copy of his previous Tax Return to our initial meeting and, at first glance, errors and omissions were immediately identified.   The result: Tony received a refund of $3,141.24 (including interest) from the ATO after an Amended Tax Return for the year in question was prepared and lodged; and our fees are less than his previous Accountant charged.

Tony (Master Painter)

Ben had been blindsided with a $12,000 “tax” bill, plus catch-up PAYG Installments, from his previous year’s Tax Return and he didn’t want to be caught in that situation again.  One option to avoid a recurrence may have been to simply pay more PAYG than he should; or perhaps he could locate an Accountant who could offer more than merely writing-up a scorecard after the game has been played.  Ben subsequently met with us and, having evaluated the value-adding service we could provide... Read more

Ben (E-Communications)